About Us

The Clever Kiwi company was formed in 1992 by Jack and Peggy MacDonald with the desire to produce top quality educational products.

The first product was a common sense Maths programme filmed on video and accompanied by a workbook aimed at 4-6 year olds.

With the success of the video Maths programme, Clever Kiwi then produced an up-market scrapbook called “The Activities Book”. It contained high-quality 100 gsm paper with useful information printed on the inside of the covers.

Following on, the company expanded their exercise book range to 12 titles, covering Reading, Writing, Maths and other classroom work books, all of which contained useful and relevant information on the inside covers, presented in a fun Clever Kiwi way!

From inception – a panel of educators from varying year levels and school deciles review and update our exercise books. We use a font in all our exercise books as per the style prescribed by the New Zealand Ministry of Education.

In 2018, and with Peggy and Jack both in their 80’s, they sold the business to finally retire. Another Kiwi family who shared the MacDonald’s interest in Education bought the business. Wanting their kids to cut their teeth with a real life business venture, Isabella (16) and William (13) actively work at Clever Kiwi to supplement their learning at school with real world business experience (and some pocket money). They are learning the Clever Kiwi operation from the ground up. Their roles include invoicing orders in Xero, pick pack and sending cartons of exercise books, assisting with the redesign of the existing product range and developing new exercise books, answering customer service emails and overseeing the online marketing strategy.

Clever Kiwi books are 100% designed and made in New Zealand using FSC Certified Eco-Friendly paper. By printing the books in New Zealand you are supporting local Kiwi families.

Clever Kiwi is a strong supporter of the Environment, sponsoring New Zealand environmental and conservation causes. Thank you for buying our exercise books.

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