Laminated cover to enhance and strengthen the spine. Our books don’t need to be covered, thus saving time and money. Pages are divided in half to allow for drawing and writing – perfect for junior students. 14mm ruled pages with a dotted middle guideline and blank ½ pages. Price includes GST.


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All covers are written in Te Reo Māori.

The inside front cover shows famous New Zealanders of Māori ancestry.

Inside back cover displays information on three prominent flags of New Zealand and their origins.

Outside Back Cover displays Iwi of New Zealand and where they are situated within New Zealand.

Clever Kiwi is a New Zealand Family Owned business

Clever Kiwi prints all its books on Eco Friendly Paper

Clever Kiwi uses fun simple designs

Clever Kiwi has adopted fonts as per the NZ Ministry of Education Teaching Handwriting Manual

ISBN 9421006480060

Additional information

Big Book Size

240 x 340mm

For Kids Years


Paper Quality

80 GSM

Number of Pages



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